Skin Treatment

Sunscreen Lotion

Sun protection lotion (UVA & UVB) for the whole body.

Contain sunscreen.
Contains SPF 21
Contains PCA sodium moisturizer.
It is waterproof / waterproof, so it is very well recommended for swimming sportsmen.

The trick: apply to the whole body 30 minutes before swimming.
How to calculate how long sunscreens can survive on the skin are as follows: Example: Sunscreen Cream with SPF 24 which means Sunscreen Cream can protect the skin against sunlight 24 times greater than the skin without the use of Sunscreen cream.

In people with brown skin: SPF (24) x 30 = 720 minutes / 12 hours
In white people: SPF (24) x 15 = 360 minutes / 6 hours