Perfect Foundation

Creamy base powder, useful for correction, waterproof, specially formulated to cover facial skin imperfections, because it contains:

Soft Focus Powder: which has the ability to minimize the appearance of the skin such as: stains / vleck, fine lines / wrinkles, dark colors on the eye area and uneven skin tone.
Coated Powder: so that the spreads and finishes of the tattoo look smoother and longer lasting

How to use :

Clean facial skin first, if necessary, use the Mositurizer Gel or Ampul. Take a little Perpect Foundation using a spatula, put it on the palm of your hand, do a circular motion with two fingers, then apply it to the skin of the face, with a little pat until evenly so that it covers the imperfection of facial skin. Then use Face Powder or Compact Powder and Finishing Touch to perfect the final results of your makeup, so that facial skin looks smoother and brighter. There are several kinds of colors, including:

Light Natural (White)
Ocher (Brownish Yellow)
Ivory (Pink)
Dark Beige (yellowish brown)
Light Beige (reddish light brown)