Hair Care

Liposomes Hair Stimulator

LA TULIPE LIPOSOMES HAIR STIMULATOR 30ml is a lotion that is used to activate hair growth and stop hair loss.


Oligo – Amino Vitamin Complex which nourishes the hair roots
Filatov Placentary Extract which functions to stimulate metabolism & regeneration of hair root cells so that it can stimulate hair growth
Liposomes serves to transport Oligo-Amino, Vitamin Complex and Filatov Placentary Extract to the hair roots
Extract Chinae serves to accelerate blood circulation in the skin of the head so as to facilitate the entry of active ingredients into the hair root

How to use:

Shake before use
Then drop it and apply it directly to the dry scalp. Sort with fingers without a massage
For hair loss / breakage: Every day for 2 months, then every 2 days for the 3rd month, once every 3 days for the 4th month and after each hair washing for 3 months.
Next for treatment, do it once a week