About Us


La Tulipe Cosmetiques , with the help of mother nature and technology , was created to enhance every woman's beauty and make her unforgettable. Founded in 1980, La Tulipe Cosmetiques began with a simple idea : high-quality cosmetic products that are effective, safe, and appropriate to the tropical climate. To realize this idea, the then La Tulipe Cosmetiques medical consultant, the late. Prof. Dr. Indro Handojo , dr , SpPK ( KAI , OPT - I) conducted clinical experiments and skin Patch Test towards the early products. The success of his research was published in the journals of medicine and pharmacy in 1985. The name La Tulipe Cosmetiques itself was originated from French. France has always been known as the fashion and beauty centre of the world. "Tulipe" is a beautiful flower that stands strong (firm) and does not easily wither (get wrinkly). Similarly, the company hopes that their end users adopt the characteristics of the tulips.


By ceaselessly developing high-quality, natural, innovative cosmetic products, we aim to be the precursor in skin care products.


Providing the customer with highly effective products that are safe with minimum side effect, along with flawless customer care and service for costumers’ satisfaction.

It all started with a simple home industry that manufactured cleanser, astringent, and moisturizer. Slowly but sure, La Tulipe Cosmetiques built its reputation among customers. Beauticians and dermatologists have started to use and suggest La Tulipe Cosmetiques. It has also been used in make up competitions, nationally and internationally. La Tulipe Cosmetiques then championed in the National Level Competition of 1987 and ASEAN Level also in the same year. On 14 September 2001, La Tulipe Cosmetiques was granted the Certificate of GMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) of the Food and Drugs Supervisory Agency of Indonesia in Jakarta. Ever since, La Tulipe Cosmetiques has continued to develop its promotion throughout Indonesia, from Medan to Jayapura. In 2009, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) granted a halal sertification for La Tulipe Cosmetiques. Therefore, La Tulipe Cosmetiques was able to expand its market to Brunei Darussalam. In the near future, La Tulipe Cosmetiques will be a part of non-oil export commodities, so it can be one of the contributors of the country’s income.